Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do you cull?

What’s better to do? More worth the effort? Perhaps make you a hero? Let’s say your predecessor has breed a bunch of brands, variants and SKUs and if you buy into the Pareto Principle, then only 20 of these brands and sub-variants are now contributing to 80 of your bottom line. But you have a choice to clean this all up in order to drive efficiencies or you can ignore this and launch your own variants and new brands.

What would you do? I don’t really have a finger on this. After all, if I am this marketing manager, I would have to fight the internal system that created this. Yes, the previous marketing manager has left, but the people who said yes to this ‘mess’ is still there.

Maybe it is easier to just use the formula you know to breed new brands. After all, you have a perfect excuse (or is it?) these were there when you came.

For me, whatever you choose is fine. Just don’t choose because it is easy, more glamourous and because you like one better than the other. Those are emotionally laden words. And it’s not very objective driven.

Would you breed?

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