Friday, May 25, 2012

Are you consistent with courage?

It takes consistency to stick to your principles but it takes courage to learn new things and dump old principles. Sometimes formulas work and sometimes they don’t.

In marketing, we like to call a lot of things principles. Then a bunch of us follows them like a dogma not to be challenged. Not because we are very convinced that it works all the time. By and large, marketers are smart people. They just don’t know when to choose to be courageous.

Principles need to be reevaluated and how you reevaluate them is important. You have to pull yourself out of the equation and not be attached to old paradigms. Context changes all the time due to cultural shifts, rise in education levels, higher consumer maturity in the category and technological advances. For example, what was known as alternative media is now mainstream. Principles will have to change. Even if they are not, it needs to be adjusted.

And it takes courage to be the one making the adjustments, against your own deep seated convictions. Only then will you learn new things. Only then will there be better creation. Better creation of new formulas.

Are you consistent in creation?

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