Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What do you care?

Last month (April) in my mailbox is a direct mail pack for my dad. His birthday is in May. I opened it, it’s a birthday greeting sheet (it’s not a card, it’s a sheet of paper) and more. Sent a good 3 weeks before his birthday (I suppose you cannot fault someone for sending a birthday greeting too early) – see my poor illustration below.

I say “birthday greeting sheet and more” because; it is suppose to be functional as well. It has a 2012 calendar at the bottom of this birthday greeting sheet and double sided tape behind. So, I reckon the people who so believe in sharing and caring sent it because they want you to put it up.

Now, whether they want you to remember them or for you to remember that they remembered you is up for discussion.

Personally my challenge is this, one - it’s April. Why would you send a calendar? We would have bookshelves and walls of it by now. And might even have thrown away just as many. Two, why tell me about all your products on a birthday greeting sheet? Where’s the sincerity in this?

I thought to myself, even if I am an abbot living in seclusion from this secular world – I would still probably question the company’s sincerity.

I wonder, how much time did the company spend thinking this through? Intrinsic in sharing and caring is sincerity. Values the company yells in front of the envelope that wrapped the birthday greeting sheet.

Oh, my dad passed away 2 years ago. Maybe cleaning up the database is not part of the CRM plan.

What do you care about?

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