Monday, May 14, 2012

What values do you connect with?

We have been propagating that there must be sincerity in the communications. Otherwise, it is tough to get people to believe you. Feel good about you and tell good stories about you to others.

Of course, your brand needs to deliver the most basic and more. At the right price. Available at the expected places. These your consumers expect and your competitors know how to do too.

But more difficult and immensely more fruitful is being sincere in how you treat your consumers. When you do that you turn them into fans.

Enough with just communicating the features and benefits already. I am sure they work. Otherwise you would not be continuously doing them anyway. But will that further the relationship? Eventually someone will photocopy that list of features and benefits. Then what?

Connect is more than communicating. Connecting takes heart. It shares common values. It gives insight into what your brand is and what it stands for. You need insight on the inside of the consumers.

How do you whisper to the heart?

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