Friday, May 6, 2011

Why are you not reflecting?

Or introspecting? How much time do you need to pause, introspect and think what worked for you and what didn’t?

It’s the easiest way to learn. You do not need a lot of time. All you need is five to ten minutes, ideally at the end of the day. Just to ask yourself a few questions. What did I do that worked? What shouldn’t I have done? Who helped me and I should thank and show gratitude? 

A sort of Naikan Therapy if you will. It will help you learn and improve tremendously when done consistently. 

Everyday you are walking miles and miles. When you come upon a stream or a pond, stop and allow the water to reflect your image. If you do not stop, your mind cannot reflect. How can you improve?

All learning needs reflection, introspection and feedback. Stop and think how you can be a better you versus the you of yesterday. It will do all of us immense good.

When do you plan to pause?

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