Monday, May 9, 2011

Please explain to me why can’t you do this?

There was a time when companies put in policies in order to safe guard the interests of the company. Most notably these policies are put in because it needed to ‘protect’ itself. From what, sometimes as consumers we do not know. I guess it could be from being exploited by a group of consumers. You know those who make use of the no questions asked refund policy?

But as competition grows and your services and products become comodified, policies like that can be detrimental to your company building a relationship with your consumers. Are your policies defined by how easy you want customers to do business with you? Or are your policies defined by how easy you want to do business with your customers?

May be the next time you craft a business policy that affects people who part with their hard earned money, time and effort with you, you should ask yourself these questions. Am I making friends with this policy? A whisper of “Sorry, this is company policy” is a yell of “Go, F*** off” in your customers ears. It’s a no win. 

How will it help my brand sell more? Vs how much will I lose if I do not have this policy? Is my brand transactional or relational? Are your consumers saying, “Please don’t give me discounts, just make it easy for me.”

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Should your customers send you a “Thank you” card for being allowed to do business with you?

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