Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How are you welcoming constraints?

My kids now have toys bought from hyper huge toy shops. He has toy guns that looks and functions like real guns equipped with magazines and reloads and all. Wow. If only I had those when I was younger, I would not have to make what looked like guns from wood and berries for bullets. Our ‘grenade’ was made from mud. It hurts like mad when it landed on you in close distance. Sure, my parents could have bought us the plastic cowboy six shooters. But they were considered a luxury then.

Surprisingly, when there is water rationing. We all seem to be able to make do with a bucket of water. We could wash our hair, shower and still stay clean. We would have our navy shower and it will be OK. But when our water is in its full gush and ‘free flow’ we would use ten times more water than needed. We tend to be more creative with our use of water when we have less.

In the Apollo 13 mission 40 years ago, the crew in space and mission specialist on ground dealt with every constraints they have to safely bring back the astronauts. And they did. It’s now made famous in the movie Apollo 13.

When you are asked to do something with your hands tight? It may be your finest moment.

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