Saturday, May 14, 2011

What’s your inclusivity plan?

Cards are supposed to make us feel exclusive. Some where in a time past, it stopped being exclusive anymore. Everyone is giving everyone a card. A membership card, a discount card, a “I don’t really feel exclusive” card but let’s just do it because everyone's doing it. And it seems even some marketers are still doing it for the sake of giving a card. 

If the idea is to make your consumers feel exclusive, why can’t you do something inclusive? Which means something simple that your consumers enjoy without having to climb a hill of sword and down a sea of fire?

No need for a card. Based on whatever information you have from your data? Just give that discount, that free room, the free air ticket or birthday cake. No need for a card.

Exclusivity via inclusivity. Inclusive means making easier for me as your consumer. Then, I will feel exclusive. 

Where would they put your card?
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