Friday, May 27, 2011

What is worth going to the gulag for?

Ideas come and go. Everyone has ideas. Being able to execute it is what makes a difference. Forget about asking for opinions. No one knows your dreams and fears. Only you know what you want to pursue. Only you know what matters to you. 

How are you chasing it?

You walk into a restaurant, it kicks off an idea in your mind how to make one like that and make it better. You think that idea is going to bring you fame and fortune. It stays an idea.

You buy a great product and think, “Wow, if I put this into a different packaging, I probably can make barrel loads of cash.” It stays and idea.

You go overseas and see nice little trinkets that you can probably sell for 100 times the price. You think, “Hey I can bring this in and sell it at the malls.” It stays and idea.

It’s not how many ideas you have. It’s deciding which ones you will feed with your blood and sweat and anxiety.

Which ones are you willing to die for?

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