Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are you leveraging on 30,000 brand names?

What if you have got it all wrong? All this while you thought you have been branding your products or services. You did everything right. Your brand image is spick-and-span. Your brand values are immaculate. Your brand identity is spot on. Gosh, everything is so right. People dream of being you.

But in fact, 30,000 (or whatever the number may be) people are branding you. These 30,000 people are helping you brand your brand. You see, when they put you on, use you, drive you, drink you, slap you on their faces, make a call on you, etc. They are allowing their brand to be used by you. It gives others a composite picture of who and what is your brand. A lot more than all the ads you can run. And the CRM you can send.

How much are you paying your loyal fans?

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