Monday, April 18, 2011

Why are you not getting behind the cause?

Everything you do at work has an objective. There is a cause. There is, usually also a course that everyone has agreed to take.

If you are part of the team, you need to get behind the cause. It’s your duty.

To not do that is to point the gun at your friends. People who help you stay afloat in the sea of business. 

You need to see how you define your role. Let’s say we are all doing a campaign as a team. And in this team is the media owner, and the media independent (or in some cases “media dependent on who I work with”), ad agency and the client – you need to know the cause is the campaign objective. The course is the strategy. Being part of the team, you are an important element to deliver the cause. So you owe the team. You owe the cause your very best.

In this case the spirit of doing business matters. This means to deliver nothing short of your very best. The soul of ensuring you have delivered your best matters. The satisfaction of a job well done delivers more joy than the decimal point in your pay cheque.

To get a great campaign going only ONE thing makes a difference between an excellent campaign and a good one. What you OWE the cause. Your soul.

What are you doing for Good. Old. Fashion. Honest. Work?

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