Thursday, April 7, 2011

What are you scribbling?

It’s easy to see what we are doing and think – I can do that. So when we present, you can scribble all you want and copy every idea we presented. 

But you forget one thing, what we do is like a chef. Everyone thinks they can cook fried rice. You can see us cook, and even attempt every step on your own. But it will never taste the same as what we cooked. Why?

Because it takes expertise. Power and precision that comes with years of practice just like the karateka executing a gyaku-zuki. When the karateka does it, it’s full of grace and rhythm of a ballerina that packs the power of a raging elephant. It looks so simple but when you do it, you end up looking like a bull dancing on a lily pod.


Because it has soul. We put soul into what we do. That is the competitive advantage we sell. It’s the same thing that propels the yellow jersey rider on a Tour De France. The thing that makes Yo-Yo Ma, Yo-Yo Ma.

But you won’t understand. You can only copy.

What is it you do best?

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