Monday, April 11, 2011

Can people take you bona fide?

What does it take to do business with you? I am not talking about convenience and such. I am talking about trust. One basic element that allows society to function at its very best. Everyday, when I get into my car, I trust that all other road users will abide the rules and laws that govern the safety of our roads.

When we do business with each other, we take it in good faith (Latin - bona fide. I am sure you have seen it in legal documents) you will abide by the same principles. That of trust. 

When you betray that trust via some technical legalities or loose definition of the terms I signed on then there is no good faith. This is fine. We are all only suckers once. 

Let me give you an example, let’s just say, let’s just say I booked a spot in your station and you told me that my ad will appear after a certain time and technically it does. But it’s a good hour after the said program, is that a trick or what? Of course, legally there is nothing wrong. Terms like “in good faith” – bona fide mean you take the spirit of the agreement. 

People doing business with you should not feel like they have been tricked. It leaves a bad taste in the experience. People remember how you make them feel. That’s not very good for business.

How sincere are you?

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