Friday, April 22, 2011

Are you looking at social media like a magic potion?

Social media isn’t your secret potion that will help you save more from your advertising budget and spend less on marketing. It is part of the bigger picture and it will gain importance. But you need to remember it is not the secret sauce to your cost cutting measures. 

It’s relationship rather than advertising. Do not look at these networks like it’s your daily ad insertions. If you look at it as an ad, then it stops working. Social media works best when you make friends fans.

If you believe social media=viral=sales. Then you are in for a big shock. Social media can go viral but social media isn’t about a viral campaign. It is about engaging people. 

To engage, you need a story. You need to figure out what you stand for. Nope. That positioning statement of yours won’t work. Burn it. Get someone to help you figure out what you stand for and create a story around it. 

What’s your story? 

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Story breeds content and engaging content goes viral easier.

Are you drinking that cocktail some guru told you to?

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