Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do you have permission to move?

Poor slave. You refuse to cut the chains that shackles you. Waiting for permission as if anyone is going to give it to you.

Meanwhile, you use management sound bites to impress. You laugh and pretend you are networking and all these buddies of yours will give you business and orchestrate the world for you. In the shape and form you want and need.

That somehow, you will be paid good money. And go home early. And love your job. But deep down you don’t love your job. You hate it but you don’t know what else you love.

You think you have good job prospects. You worry one day you will have to retire and how long will you need to live this lie.

You think cheating on someone is bad? Cheating on yourself is worse. But you already know that. At about this time, you are probably angry at me or you are angry at yourself.

But you don’t need permission from me to be angry. You don’t need permission from me to leave. The seal is not with me. It’s in your box called ‘Dream’.

Unless you take it out and stamp it on your nose, the stamp has no value.

You don’t need to know where. You just need to walk out the door.

Why are you fearful of uncertainties?

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