Monday, April 25, 2011

Is the brand award going to do you any good?

Awards are good. It is an affirmation for the hard work the team has put in. Especially if the award is results based. Brands who win awards must think and introspect. When is an award not good for your brand? 

It is when the award breeds complacency within your team. Thinking they have arrived. Whether won or bought or scammed. If the award is easily obtainable, does it still carry any prestige? I am not sure. Some people like to be associated with these. Are people capable of being proud of something so easily obtainable? Do they not feel empty when you win it?

The race should always start from within - doing the best that you can do for the brand and for the company. If you can beat your own weaknesses, and beating your competitors along the way, great. If you can’t even overcome your own weaknesses, what’s the point of an externally given award?

What ghost are you confronting today?

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