Monday, December 19, 2011

Are you the rabbit or tortoise?

Almost everyone who justifies how slow they work will tell you about the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. They love that story. It gives them permission to be slow. 

But I hate the way people who do not move with speed and decisiveness manipulates the story.

If you are slow and indecisive, you are not the tortoise. You are a sloth. So stop insulting the tortoise in the story.

The tortoise in the story is the persistence, the perseverance, will and commitment to FINISH. Something – you, the slow and indecisive sloth do not have. 

The tortoise is slow but it puts one foot in front of the next. There is action; there is motion. There is a dogged determination and love of hard work that comes with hauling its hard heavy shell while reaching for its goals.

It’s OK to be the tortoise. It’s not OK to be a sloth.

Are you the tortoise or the sloth?

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