Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is it ripe?

If your category competitors are not advertising and it’s absolutely quiet? Get busy and make some noise. Better yet, think big. Think very big. Very very big. Go create a campaign and let the giants in the category know, you have arrived. Strike them so hard and so fast that they do not know what to do. Don’t worry about awakening the giant, first they wake up very slowly. Secondly, when they wake up they are unawake. You see, giants have huge egos. They will underestimate minions until minions become their size. That’s what giants do. When they awaken – if they do - giants move very slowly. They have a huge bureaucracy that takes forever that approves a plan, much less a budget to strike back.

It is ripe to strike if the top two giants in your category are taking their positions for granted.

If you are the giant in your category, don’t take things for granted. You already know this, but you still won’t care.

Have you sharpened your saber?

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