Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How open are you?

People like to say that they are very open. Because it makes us sound very objective. But look into your bookshelves and you will see you tend towards a certain genre and viewpoints. You read these books because you want them to validate your own views. You get uncomfortable when shown another book that takes a very different view from yours.

How often do you get into arguments with people who have not even read, experienced or researched into your field of expertise? Well, you are often these people too. Because while we say we are open, we aren’t. If you are open, you would research both sides of the views of fields you are passionate about; then take a position.

Sometimes, you fear to consider the other point of view because you would have to confront how little you know about your passionate topic. And because you know so little, you would be enticed to switch your point of view – that thought itself makes you uncomfortable. Changing your view makes you so uncomfortable so you dig in even more.

How many views have you considered?

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