Monday, June 27, 2011

What are you seeing?

Someone once told me, “We do all the thinking, you just need to execute”.

Wow. Such bold words. But I did not dare to challenge him in terms of quality of thinking. After all, he is by societal standards a successful businessman. Whether it was built on solid thinking or not, I am not sure. 

One thing I do have expertise though is that he doesn’t have very strong brands. So, he may be proud to have a solid business, he is far from having solid brands. And maybe, just maybe it’s this ‘thinking’ he is so proud of that makes his brands suffer.

I wonder if this successful man’s ‘thinking’ refers to ‘self talk’. After all, when we say we are thinking really what we are doing is talking to ourselves. 

Goethe said, “We see only what we know”. If that is the case, what is it that he sees in his mind? Only what he knows. 

Thinking is about unearthing what is unknown. If someone says, “I do all the thinking” then it is a pretty sad day for him. He does not realize the benefits of the cross fertilization of ideas and more importantly being exposed to what he does not know.

When you know what you do not know, then you start to learn.

Are you wise or are you intelligent?

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