Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you know how it came about?

One day my colleague and I were at the reception of a company. After waiting for our appointment for 15 minutes of so, we were told by the receptionist that we were not allowed to sit there. Surprised, we asked where else can we sit then? 

She politely told us she has two meeting cubicles she can settle us. Interestingly, these cubicles are situated at a very important department. Within our earshot we can hear people discussing prices of goods, ETA of containers and discussions I would consider confidential.

What shocked us was we witnessed a shouting match between two colleagues! 

When peace returned to the space, we were discussing why would a company have such a policy? One, exposing potentially confidential information to outsiders. Two, exposing the type of working culture to strangers.

Our conclusion was this; the boss probably started the policy of not allowing your guest to wait for more than 15 minutes. Hence, we were hurried into another room so the boss would not see.

But in implementing it, they have just exposed us to a less than pleasant experience.

A sage once said something to this effect, “Do not do because it has been acquired by repeated practice nor upon tradition…”

What history have you understood?

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