Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How is your spine?

The backbone of your strategy is your segmentation, your target and your positioning. Know who are the segments in your market, decide who you want to target and know how you will occupy their mind with the story about your brand that you want to tell versus your competitors.

Then put these together to form your marketing objectives. Now ask, what tactics can I implement to deliver on these objectives. Those tactics are your 4Ps. Do you create a new product? Do you need to revise your pricing? Perhaps your distribution needs improvement? What about your integrated marketing communications? These are the tactics.

Don’t use tactics to fix your strategy. Your tactical gears are there to help speed you to your objectives. If you keep playing with your gears without having a map and a destination you want to go, you are just wasting fuel and creating a gearbox problem for the future.

Are you getting there yet?

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