Friday, September 9, 2011

What work do you do?

Heart work is hard work.

Every time I speak about hard work people cringe. As if I am asking them to carry a pile of rocks. But carrying a pile of rocks is the easy part. Anyone can do it.

Most people think working hard is old school. Working hard is not old school. It’s classic school. As in ‘a standard’, ‘highest quality’, ‘having class’.

It started since the first caveman said, “Let’s just figure out a way to cross this rapids and get to the other side where there are more bisons for us to hunt.” And as soon as he finished the sentence, goes about getting his idea to work. That is heart work.

No one asked him to. He just figured he has to. When you put pride, passion and belief in it to see a plan through? That is heart work. And heart work is hard work. Because you risk your reputation, you have to prioritize and you have to sacrifice all the nice things in life.

How’s your heart working?

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