Monday, September 21, 2020

What’s that most important thing today?

There will be countless things you want and need to do as an entrepreneur. So many things to chase, so many exciting projects. We can break this down into two parts.

One is running the company stuff like the staff and office administration. You know the operational stuff. What people call, working IN the business. That needs your focus, sure.

But that brand of A4 paper that you are going to buy or which floor detergent your cleaner is using isn’t crucial, really.

Then there are the services and product portfolio that need your attention. The array of clients that need to hear from you soonest. They may not seem urgent now. But they will become urgent soon if you don’t get on it now.

Always focus on the most impactful goal daily. The one that will make the most difference in terms of profitability a month down the road, a quarter down the road, six months down the road. You take care of these; your annual profitability takes care of itself.

Do that first. Because if you don’t, everything else fails.

You will have no money to buy your favourite floor detergent.

What will deliver impact?

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