Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why don’t you have it?

It takes time. 

Most entrepreneur types are impatient. Yet, running a business takes time.

Building our business has taught me, no, trained me to be patient in many ways. I often look back and say “Why didn’t we create this service 5 years ago? So many people are asking for it.” “Why didn’t we have this answer for the client when she asked what, at that time, was the most challenging question?”

Sometimes things just aren’t ready. You may not be ready. Bare minimum, you may not even have the experience to see the answer when it was there all along. Things take time to happen. Everything takes time and in its time. Causes and conditions have to be right. For the right causes and conditions to be right takes time.

So long as you make decisions, have deliberate plans even though your path may be sidetracked eventually things will happen for you. Do what you need and commit to it. The world has a funny way of sending people and arranging things in such a way that it works for you. So long as you act upon your plan.

When will you be ready?

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