Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Is it fatal?

Mistakes aren’t fatal. Rewards aren’t forever. Decisions, not deliberations.

We see this daily in our work with various parties. Most people are too afraid to decide. Too frightened to commit. Too scared to move on. Because moving on means change. To move on means you need the energy to summon courage. So, there are endless meetings. Our thinking should lead us to a decision. Not stop or delay us.

Make a decision with the best information you have now. There will not be a perfect situation when you have all the facts. Even if you have the perfect information, you are apt to interpret it in the way you want to anyway. You won’t be objective. It is better to create a habit of making a decision and moving on.

Making a decision frees you to focus on what matters. Moving forward and acting to make your business work.

What would you do today?

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