Friday, February 25, 2011

What’s your 2% plan?

The group that buys you but no one else. Doggedly for the past 20 years? That small group that evangelises you without being paid or being called brand ambassadors?

If you have a database, great. It’s there. If you have a customer service number? Great. She will likely call to let you know how to improve your services. Speak at length. Give comments on your site. You may not know her. But Sarah the telephonist? She’s on the first name basis with her and maybe a hundred others like her.

Your brand has a 2% crowd that does this. They are on your CRM programme but they deserve more than a CRM programme. A CRM programme is for the 20%. 

The 2% plan? That’s for the ultra special. Do you know who they are? Figure out how to find them? Go on, find them and give them something without asking for anything back. They have given you more than you know.

What have you done for them lately?

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