Monday, February 28, 2011

Are you sure it is a creative challenge?

Yes, we understand. Your brief wants us to increase sales by 54% in 12 months. You have admitted the features in your brand are commoditized. It’s all the Chinese’s fault. They can manufacture every feature you slap on your brand at half the price and ship double your speed. 

Ok, we understand. You don’t really know what your competitive advantage is and now you want us to give you a competitive advantage. Via communications. Nice.

You tell us it’s a creative challenge. Or you say, “It’s a challenge for the agency.”

Of course it’s a challenge.

It’s a challenge like asking me to lead my platoon into well armed hostile territory. With banal intel. In broad daylight. With no air support.

Set us up to succeed. Because when we succeed, you succeed.

Is your brand’s life teetering on how hard you work your brief every time?

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