Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where does your brand live?

Go to any busy coffee shop and you will see the fruit seller amongst all the food sold there. Not far away, perhaps a satay stall, usually at night. The lottery seller strolls through selling you hope for a future by the beach. 

Walk to a number forecast outlet (4D), you will likely see illegal DVD sellers, bean curd drink seller and sometimes pisang goreng right at its door step. Occasionally, a fortune teller. 

But notice, the fortune tellers there don't do very well. You see good fortune tellers don't live
outside 4D outlets. The good ones are tucked somewhere between rocks, or in housing areas where you are referred by an aunt's cousin's whose swollen toe was cured by the collective licks from the resident house flies whose previous lives were shamans in Mongolia. The not so accurate fortune tellers are convenient. The good ones? They live somewhere else.

Every business has an ecosystem it lives in. The way you define it will open up new opportunities. How have you defined your brand’s ecosystem?

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