Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Would you bear to murder your brand name?

Sure. You like descriptive words. I know. I like it too. I get it. But descriptive doesn’t mean good. Descriptive doesn’t mean you do not need to build meaning around it. In fact, descriptive can be bad. So bad, you might as well murder it before you have too much heart invested in it.

That brand name of yours that is descriptive? You like it because it helps you describe what you are selling. It short-cuts your brand building, initially. There is instant recognition. People know what it does. “Skrew-drifer” tell me it screws something, nice. Then what happens?

You become successful. You are running three shifts to ship that super brand of yours. Then my friends Ah Kheong in Kepong, Ah Thai in Taiping and Pak Long in Parit Sulong will want part of the action. And they can do it for half the price too. They will hop on the glory of your brand name you built with heart.

You will be spending time doing your mortal combat on them in the courts and with lawyer letters.  Here’s the dark news, you will have a tough time. Precisely because it is too descriptive. Ah Kheong will use a similar mark to your brand name and says he is just describing his product. He has a good defense for his passing off action.

Here, stick a dagger into the descriptive brand name you just conjured would you?

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