Monday, February 21, 2011

How many smiles did your brand measure today?

Personally, when you donate money to a charity, do you feel better about yourself? Do you take a picture of yourself making that donation? When you bring your child to drop stuff at the recycling center, do you load it on your Facebook? To tell the world this is what you did? Likelihood? 2%.

Can your company do corporate social responsibility like how you take responsibility for what is right? Not for how many column inch of publicity you can get? When you do that it corrupts the word responsibility.

It’s like saying to the world, I feed my kids. Of course you do. You are expected to do that as a parent. As a company you are held responsible for your actions and many more. If in your corporate heart you feel you need to do, then do it. Not because, “This is great, we can tell the world we are green, green is the trend, let’s take pictures and have our PR agency send it out.”

Photo opps and newspaper column inches as an end to corporate social responsibility is advertising.

What if, the measurement of the success of your CSR programme is the happiness the orphans feel being ferried in the bus you refurbished and repaired quietly? What if, you measured your CSR programme success by the number of healthy earthquake victims because of the antibiotics and vitamins you sent over? You do this because you know it is a responsibility. And responsibility? We do quietly. Even when no one is watching.

Ponder, how many lives did your brand change for the better today?

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