Friday, April 2, 2021

What happens when everything is important?

One, do what brings in the most revenue first.

Two, be happy with completing your two to three most important tasks of the day. How do you determine which are the most important? Refer to one.

Three, no matter how busy you are, set aside an hour of thinking time. Alone. Think through one challenge. Sort out the solution for it. Write it down. You can always change your mind later. This limits the emergencies that inevitably creeps up on you if you don’t set this aside.

Four, don’t get distracted. Shut off all forms of message app, emails, social media. If you will have a hard time doing this; it’s a sign you have been less than productive due to these distractions.

Five, Say NO. Really, really say No to things that do not add to your productivity. A bit of discipline and sacrifice goes a long way.

What happens if you keep wasting time?

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