Friday, May 3, 2019

How do you get there?

The challenging thing about educating entrepreneurs about branding and marketing is that; one, they think they are consumers themselves hence they know marketing and branding. Two, they think it’s a campaign here and there and it’s done. Results are instantaneous, sales will come flooding in. Three, they don’t have a system to approach marketing and branding.

It really takes a good two to four years to put a good plan and system in place. A system in place, it's that important that I need to stress it again. Getting your brand’s physical availability right (distribution) and your brand’s mental availability (top of mind awareness) into the consumer’s consciousness will take that long if you are a start-up with reasonable cash flow. Even then, I am simplifying this into one sentence.

You really need to take the long term view that if you are going to be successful; taking 3-4 years to implement the plan and put in a system is merely 10% of time of a business that you would build for the next 30-40 years (assuming that is your long term view).

Where are we going with this?

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