Thursday, May 16, 2019

Are you reaching out?

In the days when we couldn’t measure who we were reaching out to with our communications, we tended to just reach as many people as possible. We interrupted people who very possibly didn’t care about our message. But that was long ago. We reached as many as possible because we knew; we would hit some who cares about what we say. We then converted them into sales. I am simplifying, but you get what I mean.

Now we have the technology to know with a lot more certainty who we are reaching and how often. So, does reach and frequency still matter? Of course it does. Now, you up your game. The idea is still to reach as many relevant people who would care about our message. Because ultimately, it is still about the number of people we can convert; increase our conversion rate and make more money.

That reach number is still important. Just that now you can do it better than the time when Pteranodon ruled the skies.

How many would believe you?

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