Thursday, May 30, 2019

Where is your GPS?

A lot of brand brands fail for a simple reason. They are not ready. They are not ready in many aspects. Getting to the big game, the real arena where the bigwigs tango takes preparation and training. 

How does a brand train then? Just like how you would train in any sports. You start at the right place. Do an assessment of where you are now. Don’t jump too far ahead of yourself. If it is the basics that you need to fix, fix those first. Understand that there is a huge difference between, brand, branding, marketing and advertising. Don’t be fixing advertising problems when you have marketing problems.

It takes years, many years to get things right in the journey of strategic marketing and branding. And it takes years guided by the right counsel in a sea of charlatans to stop you from wading into the perfect storm and making dumb mistakes.

If you dream of a strong brand, you need to chart a course that is right, be willing to pay the price and get the right counsel. From where you are now to where you want to be? It’s a lot harder work, a lot longer hours, a steeper price to pay. But done right it will all be worth it.

Have you charted your course?

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