Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you want a whetstone?

You are too busy fighting fires. Too busy managing crisis. Too busy doing the things incompetent people in your team are doing.

Maybe you should be too busy implementing a plan to get rid of these people who keeps you busy.

Start with relooking how you recruit, how you reward, how you retain good people. Perhaps your salary is too low for the kind of quality people you are looking for. Perhaps good people are frustrated by your inaction. You constantly turning of a blind eye to people with conscious incompetence will eventually crash your company.

Stop thinking the disruption and financial compensation from sacking a few bad apples will be bad for you. 

It’s like saying having a curable cancer surgically removed is bad for you. Sure, it costs money and you have to lie in bed in the hospital for a set amount of days. But it will save your life.

Too busy doing what?

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