Monday, September 29, 2014

How much do you work?

It’s good to take pride in your work. Heck, I am a huge proponent of it and even came up with a silly paper on how to do it.

But it’s also important to watch your health. Sleep is an important component. 

My team and I have been there before – sleep deprivation in order to deliver work to the company. On hindsight perhaps some form of moderation of our work ethics would be better for our health – both physical and mental – then.

I know it is difficult, but as a manager you can learn to assign to others, cut meetings short, have less meetings, say “no” to unproductive meets or if you aren't required excuse yourself. Perhaps even re-look at the SOP of the company.

You need to rest to be productive. Sleep especially.

How much sleep are you getting?

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