Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can you change this?

Of course we can. Revision is part of the process.

One of the things you need to be aware of when changing is that options leads to more options. Initially, you make small concessions in order to experiment and to see ‘how this works’. “Let’s use a similar colour to the brand’s green”, perhaps a green that does not follow the brand’s guidelines, maybe a shade lighter, a shade darker, whatever. Because you made this concession, you allow yourself and others to start drifting away from the guidelines and the original intention. 

In a company where there are many layers of approval and a lot of stakeholders, revisions can go on forever. No one can say, “stop” because everyone had a chance to say “go.” All because the project leader does not have the guts to say, “No, we will not explore - let’s see how this works. And this is why we cannot.” 

Eventually, everyone becomes emotionally involved in the process, no one wants to concede. And you lose sight of why you made that revision in the first place. 

Can you stop revising?

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