Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who wants to win?

Contests are great for creating excitement. Might even attract some new users. But sometimes it can attract the wrong crowd. You get contest hunters or professional contest participants instead of genuine users to participate.

One way to neutralize these professional participants is to make the contest so exciting that genuine users will want to take part. It takes a lot to move the real users. It takes even more to move the potential users. So work harder on your contest mechanics and yes, prizes too. Don’t bother if it is too small or too low in quantity. When you get a mass of people taking part in your contest it will drown out the professional contest participants.

Professional participants as they are will always be attracted by prizes no matter how small. They hunt down contests. They feed their Brobdingnagian greed with even the most Lilliputian of prizes.

Who loses in your contests?

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