Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How negative can you be?

In Malaysia, you are not allowed to do comparative advertising. So any reference to the competitors is always “Brand X.” Naming your competitor is not allowed. 

So marketers use different ways
. Using various innuendos from colours to shapes to name or acronyms that connotes the competitors.  

The challenge with comparing your own brand to the competitor is this. It cannot be ad hoc. You do not run an ad to say how lousy your competitor is and hope to succeed. You only win if you reframe your competitor. A negative campaign on your competitor can work when used as a more strategic move to further your own brand story. Like all good campaigns, it should be integrated (not just by using various mediums but by contextualizing the message according to the strength of the medium).

Some questions to answer before you start on a negative campaign – which competitor should you choose? How will you reframe the competitor? Who will benefit most from this campaign? How will it further your brand story? What is the alternative to a negative campaign against a competitor?

Can the positive push you further?

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