Friday, January 18, 2013

What’s blocking you?

I drifted away in a meeting the other day. One of those tedious meeting trying to persuade a junior client that there is a better way to the marketing challenge she is facing.

3 things that were blocking her mind that day. 

The Right Answer. Sometimes in marketing there are no right answers. No matter how much you dig. Many marketing issues reside in the deep recesses of greyness. Looking for the right answer can paralyze you. 

Marketing is Emotional. The only logic you will find is in your Principles of Marketing book. Once you know your 4Ps and whatever, and you have a name card that says “marketing” on it - you are dealing with emotions. And when you deal with emotions, logic isn’t the best solution. 

Bend the Rules. Sure, I subscribe to the fact that there are principles and rules to follow. But there are times when rules should be bent, principles broken. It’s called wisdom. It comes with experience. If you do not have it, let time teach you. Take some risks and learn. Even bad decisions teach you something.

What will set you free?

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