Friday, April 13, 2012

Why don’t you have enough time at work?

Because you:

1.    Check personal email, Facebook, news, Youtube.
2.    You lie to yourself that you can multitask.
3.    You are on your mobile phone with sms, whatsapp, and whatever else. Stock prices?
4.    Feel anxious when you turn off these things. So you leave them on thinking it’s only a few seconds here and there.
5.    Stay on the phone too long than you need to with someone. Especially a personal call.
6.    Take lunch longer than you should. Your justification is – “I need the break”.
7.    Allow yourself to be distracted each time you need to start on the boring assignment. Like “Oh, I need to reply this email about lunch tomorrow first.”
I am sure you will say I am wrong. You need all these.

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