Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is your brain working alone?

There must always be a solid next step. A next course of action that is in essence implementing the plan. Especially, after a meeting. Particularly, after a brainstorm.

Some people are in love with brainstorms. And why not? Brainstorms give a semblance of work. After all, it happens during work time. So it’s got to be work. It’s also the perfect escape from the real work that is waiting for you. It allows you to feel smart, vomit some management sound bites and regurgitate some marketing gibberish. Plus after the havoc from the brainstorm, no one is clear what needs to be done anyway.

I am sure it is not you. 

Brainstorms are done to solve a problem. Come out with new solutions. Create new ways of doing things. 

There needs to be clear next course of action after a brainstorm. Otherwise, non action after a brainstorm is what will take you into a storm.

Are you getting your hands and legs involved?

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