Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What questions do you ask?

I get a lot of emails forwarded to me and I forward some. Things I find interesting and things I think may benefit others. I even curate some of the things that get popped into my mail box and I keep them aside. Sort of like a hobby. Collecting interesting topics that I then send out as a newsletter called “Because Tomorrow's Friday”. 

(Sidebar - I send it out on Thursday reasoning that people have more time to read them on Friday – they are more relaxed. If you want to receive a copy of this irregular newsletter send us an email at shout(at)roar-point.com.)

Curating is important especially with the junk that gets popped into your mailbox daily. One of the most important things when curating is to ask questions. Especially critical questions like, is this real? How can I test if this is a good case? What is my point of view? Are there better cases than this?

Curating is as much about what not to put up on the wall of a gallery as what to put up. And to decide, you need to ask a lot of questions. 

It’s the same as what you decide to put in your ad. What do you leave out so people may get a better picture of what you put on display?

Are you removing for clarity?

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