Monday, March 19, 2012

What’s hitting you soon?

It shouldn’t take a crisis to make you realize that you have done things wrong in many ways. In fact, all crises creep up on you. When it hits, you just label it as a very bad ‘accident’. Or a ‘crisis’.

Did these phenomena all start small and accumulate enough criteria to fulfill before they become a crisis? (Ok, the word ‘crisis’ will not make you pay attention to this entry. It’s too ‘uncommon’. It’s not real.)

Let’s use the word problem. Before a problem became a problem did it not start with a seed and slowly accumulated enough points to qualify as a problem? Go ahead. Choose one problem you faced today. Back track. Somewhere along the line if you had not ignored it, this problem would not have happened.

Stuff creeps up on you. You ignored it. It becomes a problem.

What internal sirens do you have?

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