Monday, March 12, 2012

What street fights have you been in?

Sometimes applying what you learned in your years of marketing and applying it, is a lot like learning a martial art and hoping for it to work in a street fight.

You know your basics, your patterns and your set sparring steps – whether it be one-step or 3-steps or whatever your sifu taught you. But knowing these or even having a ‘formula’ as to what works in sparring sessions is very different in a street fight.

In the market, consumers change all the time. Trends, fads or even information and news about your category can change the way your brand is consumed. In the market, your competitors change all the time. Not just the characters that runs the department or brand but the way they will try to outsmart you. In the market, regulators may like to change their minds all the time.

Having a set of basics is a start. Applying it in the right context, that takes experience.

What do you know about yourself?

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