Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How long have you served?

In one of the scenes in “The Patriot”, Benjamin Martin (a character played by Mel Gibson) told his son, “That Gates is a damn fool. Spent too many years in the British army, going muzzle to muzzle with Redcoats in open field. It’s madness. This battle was over before it began.” He was referring to the inappropriate tactics deployed by the Continentals against the British.

I am reminded of this scene each time someone gets too comfortable with their tactics or when someone gets too lazy to innovate.

You see something working well and you copy it, whether it is a formula you have perfected or one your competitor has deployed. 

Sometimes that can be a formula for disaster.

Better yet, I think, invent new tactics. Let your competitor keep up. And yes, potentially even flank your competitor.

Is your battle over before it even began?

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