Thursday, December 1, 2011

When are you starting to live?

Do you know people who like carpe diem as a concept only and not as a lifestyle. It’s fun to see how they live their lives. Lots of clutter, little clarity. They live in the land of buts and ifs

I think a good tool to remind ourselves to live in the now is to set a countdown clock of our lives. After all we have countdown clocks when we build Olympic stadiums, when the rainforest will all be gone, etc. Just to give people perspective and urgency.

So, what if there is a countdown clock to your life? So, 43 years, 5 hours and 35 minutes and 10 seconds from now, you know you will die. What would you do for the rest of the 43 years? How would you do things differently

Why wait till you are diagnosed with a terminal disease? Life is a terminal disease in itself. We all have our prognosis.

What time have you wasted?

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