Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How in touch do you have to be?

You know keeping up makes you tired and doing more stresses you out. But you refuse to let anything go. You want to tweet, get on FB, and check your Gmail. Read all the e-newsletters you subscribe to, digest every business book that is launched and listen to the business news every morning. You tell yourself I need to be in touch, to be in the know.

Try this – you already have enough information. To be in the know is to reflect and contemplate on the wisest move for the issue at hand. To contemplate and reflect, you need a quiet mind. 

A muddy pond does not reflect. A clear one does. Stop stirring it and let go. Then you will truly be in touch.

Don’t worry, all these things will still be there when you come back.

What are you turning off?

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