Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What are you happy about today?

In Malaysia, we see a lot of congratulatory ads. You know those that say, “Wow! Great factory you opened today.” And its various other incarnations. They are usually paid for by suppliers and business partners.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s the way we do business here. I just wonder if they can be more productive.

Somehow, these ads are like Tarzan swinging through the jungle screaming “Orrr eee orrr” half naked and no one paying him any attention. The only people who would listen are his animal friends. The rest of the jungle becomes awfully silent.

Better I think to spend the money on ads that can further your brand message. Incite a change. Change a perception about your brand. Have you ever asked yourself who these ads are for?

How good did your consumers feel?

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